Wholesale Ordering

Orders of five books or more qualify for our discount pricing, receiving OVER 40% off retail prices and shipping worldwide directly from the printer.
To place a wholesale order, fill out the following form to include the titles and quantities desired. Within 24-48 hours you will receive an invoice for the items plus shipping. Once the invoice has been paid, your order will be placed directly with our printer and shipped from there. Packages within the US generally arrive within 2 weeks; international shipping may take 3-4 weeks.

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Earth Lodge Titles & Wholesale Prices (2018-19)

A Children’s Collection of Rumi, 8.00
A Practical Reiki Symbol Primer, 10.00
Conversations with Stones, 10.00
Do’s and Don’ts on the Playground, 7.00
Dream Tracker, 8.00
Eden is Now, 10.00
Energy Healing for Animals, 11.00
Equine Herbs and Healing, 10.00
Fates of Midgard, 10.00
Gesturing to God, 11.50
Gifts of Elysielle, 10.00
Grounding and Clearing, 10.00
Heart Ward, 5.50
Lost and Faerie Found, 8.00
Natural Animal Healing, 10.00
Number Name and Colour, 5.50
Palm Reading for Everyone, 5.50
Shades of Valhalla, 10.00
Shamans Who Work with the Light, 8.00
Simple and Natural Herbal Living, 10.00
Song Walker, 8.00
Tarot, 7.00
The Comprehensive Vibrational Healing Guide, 10.00
The Girl Who Could Dance in Outer Space, 8.00
The Girl Who Could Heal Your Heart, 8.00
The Girl Who Could Sing with the Birds, 8.00
The Girl Who Could Talk to Computers, 8.00
The Girls Who Could Fly in the Night, 8.00
The Girl Who Could Write and Unite, 8.00
The Storming, 8.00
The Warping, 8.00