Earth Lodge Releases Teen Transformation Manual for the Next Generation

Grownups like to talk about how hard it is to change jobs or move to a new house, but as a teen you’re going through one of the toughest transformations there is: you’re changing from a child to an adult. Your body is developing new hormonal and nervous system response mechanisms. Your brain is being completely re-wired with millions of new connections that will eventually help you evaluate risks and make great decisions. AND you’re still expected to go to school and take on more chores. Get a job. Decide what you want to do for the rest of your life. Now that’s stressful. That’s real change.

The Teen Transformation Manual is here to guide you along the way with more than 70 tools that will help you get comfortable with yourself and claim your power. Learn how to harness your brain waves for relaxation and creativity, set goals and manifest results, use meditation to connect with your intuition and get better guidance, harness ancestral wisdom, work with the five elements to balance your body and spirit, and release trauma and old emotional baggage. The straight-forward, informal writing and meditations with linked audio files make the process fun and easy to follow while providing real, tangible results.

A self-guiding tool for young adults, The Teen Transformation Manual is also used by parents, therapists, and caregivers as a co-creative tool to foster lasting change and strengthen relationships. The exercises in this book provide coping mechanisms and life skills that ease trauma, grief, and anger while encouraging a healthy balance between body, mind, and spirit.

The Teen Transformation Manual
Copyright © 2019, Maya Cointreau
6×9″, 262 pages
$17.95  ($7.95 e-book available through all major distributors)