Earth Lodge Introduces Mind Spirit Mapping with Sarah Breen

Do you feel like you have lost your way, strayed from your purpose, disconnected
from who you are?

Have unexpected events occurred in your life to leave you wondering what happened?

Mind Spirit Mapping™ is an intuitive, heart-centered approach to help you refocus and discover your true path. You will shift from a state of confusion to a state of knowing and well-being, to complete oneness with your own unique purpose and mission. A traditional map shows you the way from points A to Z; Mind Spirit Mapping™ leads you through the realms of mind, body, and spirit.

Are you ready to evolve into your true nature, the true essence of you?

Your journey begins NOW. Learn why you are here, how to ask yourself the right questions, handle road blocks and release fear, dissolve the ego, and get ready to design your own personal road map to success.

Mind Spirit Mapping: A Journey to Purpose
Copyright © 2019, Sarah Breen
6×9″, 104 pages
$16.95  ($6.95 e-book available through all major distributors)