Earth Lodge & Ellis Logan team up to bring us a wild Post Magic world.

Witchy chimeras, hunky detectives, hardened criminals, and one simple postal worker just trying to get by.

Nikta Kozan likes her life. She loves escaping the city to scramble through the wilds and deliver mail to the homesteads along Renga’s rough and tumble frontier. Some people think the tech-forsaken planet is stuck in the dark ages and there’s always gossip about the demonic powers of the settlers, but Nikta’s happy where she is. Well, mostly. If only she could re-connect with her family, everything would be perfect. So when a criminal plot and one angry detective threaten to derail her plans for a cozy reunion, Nikta digs in her claws, getting dragged along on an adventure you won’t want to miss.

If you liked Firefly, Dark Angel, Lost Girl, Dark Matter or The Dresden Files, you’ll love Post Magic, a wild paranormal space fantasy with steampunk elements.

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