Earth Lodge Announces the Sixth Volume in The Girls Who Could Series – An Inspirational Tale about Poet Gwendolyn Brooks

Earth Lodge is pleased to announce the publication of another Girls Who Could children’s title from Maya Cointreau. The sixth book in the inspirational series, The Girl Who Could Write and Unite pays tribute to one of the greatest modern American poets, Gwendolyn Brooks. Brooks was the first African American to win a Pulitzer and received over 70 honorary degrees from universities for writing and teaching. Her story teaches children that language is a powerful tool for change and championship.
Choose your words wisely, for they just might change the world!
The Girls Who Could is a fun, colorful series of stories about real women who have made a difference in the world through inspired action. By giving young girls examples of women who are doing amazing things, children grow up with a template of achievement upon which to grow and expand their own dreams and goals. Simple drawings of children their own age and fun, rhyming prose helps kids connect easily with the message in each story.