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Guided Temple Meditations

The meditations in the Guided Temple Meditation Series take you on journeys to different dream-time temples, to realms without time constraints, preconceived ideas or limitations. They bring you to places that exist out of this reality, temples of healing designed by Spirit where you can experience self-healing, release karma and embrace your true nature. Beautiful music and shamanic drumming help lift you to higher states of consciousness for full, deep body healing.

Volume One in this series includes five meditations that focus on bringing balance to the body and spirit. Volume One will bring you to the Temple of the Willows, to align the chakras; The Seat of the 4 Elements for elemental balancing; The Temple of the Light to remove cords of attachment and heal the light body; The Temple of Guidance to meet your guides; and A Place to Heal to create your own personal healing space in the cosmic dreamtime.

Volume Two addresses emotional healing and creativity. You will visit The Temple of the Open Heart to heal issues of sadness, grief and anger; The Temple of Peace and Serenity for emotional clearing; The Temple of Inspiration to unlock your creative potential; and The Pyramid of Protection to shield your aura and create comfort during daily interactions.

Volume THREE allows deep genetic and karmic release. At The Temple of Lives you can view, process and release past, parallel and future life issues; The Keeper of Lost Souls is a gentle bear who helps you retrieve lost soul pieces; You can repair DNA and reprogram your body for true cellular healing at The Temple of Death & Immortality; and at The Temple Earth you will journey for planetary healing and upliftment.


Earth Lodge Music for Creation
<feat. IxChel>

CDCOVEREarth Lodge worked with IxChel and her talented team of vocalists to create energizing trance and tribal electronica blended with drums, flutes, spiritual chants and songs from around the world. Each track features underlying monaural Theta beats to increase focus, enhance meditation and unlock your creative potential. Synchronize your brain with your soul and relax into a dance with the divine.