The Girls Who Could

Each of the Girls Who Could will teach your child the value of following her dreams, thinking big, and taking inspired action. Every book features full color illustrations accompanying large-print rhyming prose and is priced at $14.95.

The Girl Who Could Talk to Computers tells the story of young Grace Hopper, the inquiring girl who wrote the first computer compiler program which gave birth to the first computer language, COBOL. After “Amazing Grace” helped bring us into the modern computer-age, she dedicated her life to teaching and inspiring young people to dream big.


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Our second book in the Girls Who Could series, The Girl Who Could Dance in Outer Space tells the tale of young Mae Jemison, the creative girl who became a doctor, an engineer, a dancer, and an astronaut. Mae Jemison teaches us that art and science are natural expressions of creativity and imagination. Nurture them both, and go where your dreams take you!

We are pleased to announce that The Girl Who Could Dance in Outer Space was selected by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for inclusion in their reading program to be used in 60K+ elementary school classrooms worldwide.


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The Girl Who Could Sing with the Birds is the third book in The Girls Who Could Series. In it, we explore the world through the eyes of a young Rachel Carson, the author and biologist who inspired the environmental movement that gave birth to Earth Day. Rachel Carson teaches us that every life on our planet is precious, and that science should work with nature for the good of all. Together, we can keep the world a beautiful place.


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The Girl Who Could Heal Your Heart is the fourth book in The Girls Who Could Series. In it, we discover the healing power of forgiveness and release. Kahuna Morrnah Simeona was a Hawaiian healer and teacher who traveled the world sharing the modern art of ho’oponopono, or community healing. When we clear our minds of grief, blame and anger, our hearts become lighter, our days become brighter.


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This special fifth volume in The Girls Who Could series honors not just one girl, but an entire fleet of fierce female aviators. Dubbed “The Night Witches” by their German adversaries, this all-female battalion out-flew and outmatched their male counterparts, flying eight or more missions every night in small canvas planes. No parachutes. No fear. Just honest heroine-ism standing up for what was right. The Girls Who Could Fly in the Night encourages your little ones to be upstanders, fight bullies, do good and shine bright.

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The Girl Who Could Write and Unite pays tribute to one of the greatest modern American poets, Gwendolyn Brooks. Brooks was the first African American to win a Pulitzer and received over 70 honorary degrees from universities for writing and teaching. Her story teaches children that language is a powerful tool for change and championship. Choose your words wisely, for they just might change the world!

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The seventh book in the Girls Who Could series, The Girl Who Could Rock the Moon inspires girls and boys of all ages to create an exciting new world through the exploration of STEM: science, technology, engineering and math. Mary G. Ross was a gifted mathematician and became the first female Native American engineer in the United States at a time when women in STEM were rare. She was brave, she was bold and she helped take us to the moon. Her equations solved in-flight problems for rockets and jets, and she wrote a traveler’s manual to the planets. Much of her work remains classified to this day, but her inspiring story is yours to enjoy. Does your little one like technology? Do they like to ask questions? Encourage them to see math as a game they’ll want to play with this bright, entertaining read.

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