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The Faeries have Arrived! New children’s book by Dawn Stone hits shelves this week.

COVERfrontEarth Lodge is excited to announce the release of Lost and Faerie Found, book one in an enchanting new children’s series by Dawn Stone. The picture book contains lilting prose and 15 full-color illustrations, each lovingly drawn by hand using colored pencil, crayons, and lots and lots of glitter to capture the hearts and minds of little ones around the globe.

Who do you turn to when you’ve lost the thing most precious to your heart?

Trinity is a faerie special friend who cares deeply for little children and takes care of lost items deep in the World of Good Fortune, in the Land of Serendipity. Join Trinity on this whimsical adventure as she teaches us that nothing is ever truly lost, and that every part of the earth is cherished and protected.

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Earth Lodge Releases Palm Reading for Everyone

PalmReadingCoverFinally, a palm reading book that is incredibly easy to follow and filled with tons of great illustrations to get you reading palms in no time. Unlike most books that offer so many conflicting interpretations of the lines on the hand, Sandra Cointreau gives you simple guidelines that anyone can follow. She’s condensed forty years of experience and feedback so that you can just read, follow your intuition, and be on your way.

Palm Reading for Everyone harnesses forty years of working knowledge of the hand to bring you a simple, concise and accurate guide to reading any palm. It makes decoding the lines easy, unlike most palm reading texts that over-complicate the process and offer contradicting interpretations. Illustrations throughout the book demonstrate how to read each line in the hand, and a handy worksheet for recording clients’ hands accompanies the book. Learn how to print any palm and unlock the secrets of your hand.

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Earth Lodge to Publish New Children’s Author

Earth Lodge® has added Dawn Stone as their newest children’s author. Her first book, Lost and Faerie Found, is expected to debut in 2016.

“Dawn has real vision. Her empathy for children and nature comes across so clearly and brilliantly in this book, says Earth Lodge® founder and editor Maya Cointreau. “The story she tells is truly magical, and we’re making sure that it is illustrated just right. We are so proud to add her to our growing list of authors.”

Dawn lives in Connecticut with the love of her life and a wild host of woodland fairies.

Inner Origins Series by Ellis Logan to be Published by Earth Lodge

Earth Lodge® has chosen Ellis Logan’s new series, Inner Origins, to launch their new fantasy/fiction division. An established publisher of Non-fiction Holistic Books and Children’s Fiction, Earth Lodge® is excited to enter the Young Adult Fantasy genre.

The series begins with young seventeen year old Siri Alavarsson’s arrival in Falls Depot, Vermont. She’s spent her whole life moving from town to town with her mom, and she’s looking forward to finishing out her senior year and getting in some good snowboarding at the local mountain. Unfortunately for Siri, there’s a fae war going on that she’s never even heard about, and she’s wanted by both sides. The futures of humanity, the fae, and the entire planet all depend on Siri. Which side will she choose?

Says founder and editor Maya Cointreau, “We were really excited when we read Ellis’ manuscript. She is bringing together some really interesting ideas, combining Celtic, Norse and Hollow Earth lore to create an entirely new fae reality. I wasn’t able to stop reading! I can’t wait to read the rest of Siri’s story.”

Ellis Logan is the author of the Inner Origins fantasy series. Ellis has been writing stories since she was a little girl. She lives a quiet life with her family in New England, where she enjoys skiing, hiking and eating chocolate…always chocolate!

Shades of Valhalla is expected to release this winter.

Earth Lodge Releases the Girl who Could Sing with the Birds

The Girl Who Could Sing with the Birds is the third book in The Girls Who Could Series. In it, we explore the world through the eyes of a young Rachel Carson, the author and biologist who inspired the environmental movement that gave birth to Earth Day. Rachel Carson teaches us that every life on our planet is precious, and that science should work with nature for the good of all. Together, we can keep the world a beautiful place.


Earth Lodge Publishes The Girl Who Could Dance in Outer Space, Book 2 in the Girls Who Could Series

The Girl Who Could Dance in Outer Space tells the tale of young Mae Jemison, the creative girl who became a doctor, an engineer, a dancer, and an astronaut. Mae Jemison teaches us that art and science are natural expressions of creativity and imagination. Nurture them both, and go where your dreams take you!



The Girls Who Could is a fun, colorful series of true stories about women have made a difference in the world through inspired action. By giving young girls examples of women who are doing amazing things, children grow up with a template of achievement upon which to grow and expand their own dreams and goals. Each book is written using rhyming verse and fully illustrated with color pictures that children can easily immerse themselves in.

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Also available for e-readers on Amazon.

Earth Lodge Releases Tarot – A Complete Course in Basic Tarot Meanings and Techniques by Maya Cointreau

tarotCOVERTarot – A Complete Course in Basic Tarot Meanings and Techniques  teaches you the traditional meanings of all 78 cards in the modern tarot, and how tarot cards evolved. The author has three decades of experience with tarot, and takes you through a learning process that is both simple and profound. Experience the cards through daily meditations that work with magical elements. Find out how to prepare for every reading and allow you intuition to unfold. Discover six different ways to lay out your cards for readings. The e-reader version of this book features gorgeous full color watercolor illustrations from the Aquatic Tarot deck by Andreas Schröter, while the print version is black-and-white. The 108-page,  5×8-inch book is the perfect size to tuck in your pocket with your deck.

“I’ve given readings with 1 card or 30. In nightclubs with lines out the door, and in the quiet of my own home. To me, tarot is simply a way to connect with my higher self, with my spirit guides and higher powers for guidance and sometimes reassurance. Used properly, tarot can help illuminate the unknown, and show which fork in the road to travel.This book is intended to open the door to your own unfolding.” – Maya Cointreau

Available in print and for e-readers on Amazon

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Earth Lodge Starts 2014 With New Children’s Series

The Girls Who Could is a fun, colorful series of true stories about women have made a difference in the world through inspired action. By giving young girls examples of women who are doing amazing things, children grow up with a template of achievement upon which to grow and expand their own dreams and goals.

The Girl Who Could Talk to Computers is the first book in The Girls Who Could Series. It tells the story of young Grace Hopper, the inquiring girl who wrote the first computer compiler program which gave birth to the first computer language, COBOL. After “Amazing Grace” helped bring us into the modern computer-age, she dedicated her life to teaching and inspiring young people to dream big.